Maharashtra School Books

A special educational product made for Maharashtra State Board syllabus at free of cost

Maharashtra School Books

Did you like learning...? Are you willing to learn more...? Are you in confusion about where to search for books and solutions to learn something new...? No problem we're here to show you some interesting stuff that will give you answers to all the above questions. As we all know this decade will going to be well known for technology. In simple every industry was adopting themselves into this wonderful technological decade and migrating all their ideas based on technological evolution.


It's your turn to get into this technological education era, we'll assist you through our wonderful and simple product specially made for Maharashtra State Board students. It's an educational application named Maharashtra School Textbooks which consists of textbooks of that state board syllabus. One more additional surprise was it will be completely free for you.

Features of Maharashtra School Textbooks Application

A learned man has always wealth in himself...!!!

Let us explain to you some of the features of this application from which point of view it will be helpful for you in your education path. Join hands with me and let's explore.

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If you know where to dig you can get the treasure. Like that, if you have proper books you can succeed.

In order to make your learning process much happier and more pleasant, we're giving you all the state board books for all the standards and mediums. You can access each and every book based on the medium that you need, also the searching process is much easier than you think. Because of all these features, your learning process will be much easier, you can maintain your inner peace and stay calm.

Guides and Solutions

Children require guidance and sympathy far more than instruction - Anne Sullivan

Human beings are always different in nature each one of us has some unique characters and talents. Even some of us will be quick learners and some will suffer to learn something new and faster. For those people, we have to spend some extra time and give some extra guidance which will make their learning life much easier.

In keeping all those things in mind, we are including guides and solutions in this app beyond textbooks. Because of adding extra guides and solutions you can get some extra care and additional support.

Notes and Bookmarks

Taking notes and hints while reading is a good habit

Having the habit of note-taking while reading is such a good thing which will be helpful while recalling the topic which we have learned. In order to make your learning more effective by default we have that feature in our app, also you can access all the notes that you noted before at whatever and wherever you need.

Again one more common and irritating thing we all have means forgetting the page where we left off while reading which makes our learning process much more tedious. In order to avoid all these kinds of silly things, we have that bookmarks feature in our app which makes you return to the page correctly where you left off.


The Amount of hard work we did will be exposed in our result

Being a school student you will definitely know the importance of this particular day. But each time this thing happens for most of the students either they can't get the right website to check the result or the website where they are waiting to get their results were too slow.

In order to minimize this kind of issue and last-minute tensions, we have provided the exact and official website details to check the results of your state board exams in our app which you can easily check your results without any tension.


During this pandemic situation, it's our time to migrate toward technology. Here we give you a complete package for your school education. Definitely, the Maharashtra School Textbooks app will be a boon for both students and teachers, without any cost, you can get all kinds of books and solutions by opening a single door.