Kerala School Books

Kerala School Books

In this new era, the world has greatly changed, advancing itself in various aspects. All sectors are adopting themselves into this new technological revolutionary world. For the past two years, we have all been comfortable with technology and mobile phones. Even the educational sector also come out of the zone by breaking all the barriers and adopted themselves, accepted the technological growth.


Considering all these evolutions we are also ready to surprise you which will be much helpful for you and your career. Education is the primary tool for one to get success in his/her life, without education we can't show any difference among others. We are here to introduce an educational platform to you specially made for Kerala state board students i.e. Kerala School Textbooks an android application.

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Features of Kerala School Textbooks Application

Where there is a will there is a way!

Like the above proverb one who is willing to learn or willing to do something then from there, the way for new creative things will begin. During the pandemic situation as mentioned above everyone is comfortable with mobile phones and there is no other option for our kids to learn. So on viewing that aspect we developed this application named Kerala School Books


If there's a proper weapon, there's no fear of the war

In this application, you can get all the state board books of Kerala as eBooks. If we have a complete or needed material in our hand we don't afraid for the exams and all. On considering that point we reach you with a wonderful app which contains all the books. You can also sort those based on your preferences like standard and medium. By having these kinds of features you can maintain your inner peace while searching the books during the exam timings.

Guides and Materials

True guidance is like a small torch in a dark forest. It does not show everything at once but gives enough light for the next step to be safe

If you have a person to guide you won't panic in any situation. In order to make your learning process much easier and pleasant for you, we constantly guide and assist you through useful external guides and materials rather than textbooks. Using this you can acquire knowledge and stay calmful during the time of exam and test preparations.


Result shows the amount of Hard work you did..!!!

Every student knows the value of this particular thing and the day. But we all feel that pain during checking the results just because we don't know the details of the website and also where to search for results. To solve these unwanted frustrations and panic conditions we hereby have that feature to check the results. We provide all the details of the websites and links to get your board exam results so that without any confusion you can directly reach the appropriate official websites.

Notes and Bookmarks

Always have the habit of taking hints and notes while reading

Every one of us has the habit of taking a pen and paper hint notes while reading or studying but what to do if we can't get any of them at the time of need. No worries we have that in our app you can take notes while reading also your notes are saved separately, any time you can access it and recall the subjects and topics.

Another common problem for all of us was forgetting the page where we left off before and where to start, this was a hectic issue for most of us. To solve this issue we have a bookmarking feature that will be very helpful for you.


Kerala School Books is a boon for many students and teachers because it's completely free of cost so that you can get the books and solutions whenever and wherever you need them. Use this application and get benefitted.